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Welcome to Lunch.Co 

at BASE10

With Lunch.Co at BASE10 we can buy and sell  home cooked food from each other - it's both smart and fun!

1. Request Access to Lunch.Co at BASE10

Lunch.Co at BASE10 is exclusively for BASE10 members. If you belong to BASE10 but don't  have access yet, request access below for one of our Lunch.Co team members to approve. 

Thanks for submitting! You will be notified when approved

2. Download the app Lunch.Co,  Sign In and get Lunching!


1. Download

Download the app Lunch.Co on

App Store or Google Play

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2. Sign In

​Sign in when you have been granted access 

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3. Register and update your profile

​Register your card or account. It's safe with Stripe.

3. Eat and appreciate your colleagues' meals

1. Choose and pay

Choose something you like and pay with one click 

2. Pick up

Pick it up in the fridge 

3. Enjoy and Review

Enjoy your lunch and remember that hearing that someone like your food means alot!

4. Get cooking, good looking!

1. Cook

Unleash your passion for cooking! If you feel shy, don't worry, start with something you feel comfortable with. 

2. Pack

Get your boxes in the kitchen area at BASE10 and use them to make your servings look professional. Tip: Sprinkle some green on top to make it look fresh! 

3. Post and Bring to work

Take some nice pics and set quantity, price and location. Bring the boxes to work and put them in the fridge. 

For any questions or feedback don't hesitate to reach out to us



makes a mean lasagna


the master of risottos


sourdough expert